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Cancun Travel Information

Cancun is located in Quintana Roo and was actually the dream of a Mexican banker named Enrique Savignac. The banker and his investors envisioned
 an Mexican vacation city that would be unparalleled for Mexico. They started construction in 1968 and the city has since grown to be the premier vacation spot in Mexico. It is a strip of 15 miles of golden sand beaches filled with 5 star hotels.

Cancun is located in the area of the lost ancient Mayan civilization of Quintana Roo. It is hard to imagine that in this area there was a large population of Maya ancestors that built some amazing structures that can still be visited today.

The weather in Cancun is known to be warm with plenty of rain. The average annual temperature is around 25.5c / 78 F and the annual rainfall is around 1100 mil or 43 inches. During the summer is hurricane season.

Visa Information
Visitors who arrive in Mexico must have a passport or valid identity document. Citizens of some countries require a visa to enter Mexico. You can check uptodate travel restrictions and visa information on this government site

Good to know: Cancun travel advice
The one and only tourist destination in Mexico is Cancun. Millions of people make their way to the Yucatan Peninsula. Why? Because it’s a great gateway, especially if you don’t have lots of vacation time. The weather is strikingly calm and the temperatures are simply perfect. Are you heading to Cancun, Mexico later this year? If you’re planning a trip there, then you need to get your hands on Cancun travel info. Please continue reading to get the latest travel advice written for travelers.

When the best time of the year to visit Cancun is
Before booking your flight, make sure to know when to visit. The high season, which runs from winter to early spring, is the most expensive one. Thousands of US college students will be spending their spring break in Cancun, which means that the crowds will be at their heaviest. If you want to enjoy good weather, and low hotel prices, you might want to wait until hurricane season. In the Atlantic, hurricane season starts June 1st and ends November 30th. A hurricane has never hit Cancun during this time, so you have nothing to worry about. It will rain, but you won’t mind the afternoon shower. Plus, it’s not crowded.

Going from place to place
Since Cancun is a simple city, you don’t have trouble getting where you want. Generally speaking, tourists take the bus. Not only are buses inexpensive, but also they come every few minutes. If you don’t like public transportation, you can always rent a car. It’s fun to travel in your own car. Cancun car rental is recommendable. And driving yourself. The speed limits are marked, not to mention that the road signs are easy to read. Whether you’re wandering in town or going to Tulum, you should rent a car for the day.

Things to do, see, eat and drink
The Yucatan Peninsula has miles and miles of beaches. The main activity in Cancun is enjoying the beautiful golden beaches. You too have the opportunity to enjoy a good day of swimming and peacefulness. If you find that the sun is too hot, you can engage in sports activities. Options include scuba diving, swimming with the dolphins, and parasailing. You can equally explore the Mayan ruins. The archeological sites are near Cancun and they should be on your list of places to visit. Go to Chichen Itza. If you’re really into history, you won’t want to miss the other Mayan ruins, such as El Rey. It’s best to have a Cancun travel guide book with you when heading to Mexico. As for eating in drinking, you might want to try barbecued insects, fried pastries, salsa, Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Mai Tais, and so on and so forth.

What to pack
You will want to bring sunscreen with you. Products in hotel shops and drug stores tend to be pricey. Staying out of the sun is hard, so it’s better to be covered in sunscreen. Equally important is to bring zipped bags. What for? For packing swimsuits and beach equipment. When it comes to packing clothes, you will want to bring shorts, tank tops, t-shirts. Don’t forget to bring a pair of sandals.

Cancun Activities Guide

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